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Sole provider, statewide

  • Sole statewide case management organization for ID/DD waiver participants. Transitioned from from more than 200 individual case management companies to a single statewide organization serving approximately 15,000 waiver Participants

  • Participating member of a team which closed the last State ID/DD institution. Successfully transitioned former residents to community settings and continued to provide case management services for all who transitioned

  • Redeveloped Person Centered Planning applied throughout the State and introduced Essential Lifestyle Planning process

Allocation design and implementation

  • An active member of a cross-discipline team to design and implement acuity-based rate setting and resource allocation model, utilizing assessment information, for all state ID/DD Waivers

  • Developed “Risk Mitigation Tool” for collection, identification, assessment to support Health, Safety, Welfare planning process for those with ID/DD

QE and adverse event services

  • State contractor, providing Quality Enhancement and Quality Improvement services for ID/DD Waivers

  • Manage and process all ID/DD Incident reports equating to more than 75,000 reports annually, including all required performance reporting, escalations, follow-up information requests, and closures

  • Perform Mortality Reviews for all deaths of Participants. Reviews encompass triage, "others-at-risk" assessment, clinical evaluation, service quality review, development of written "brief" for all mortalities, escalation, recommendation(s) for provider service delivery improvement, and conduct of monthly Mortality Review Committee meetings

  • Provider certification reviews for all services and State approved ID/DD Waiver service providers including employee record and service delivery reviews.

  • Data analysis and production of comparative statistics for all providers including “T-Score” normal distribution analysis in support of provider re-approval process.

NCI and MFP services

  • National Core Indicator (NCI) Adult surveys for a valid, stratified sample of Waiver participants (approximately 800) for each year, including ODESSA data entry.

  • Money-Follows-The-Person baseline, year-1, and year-2 surveys on behalf of State ID/DD and Division of Aging.

Customized web-based solutions

  • Design, build, launch, host, adapt and manage a web-based information system tracking all Quality related activities, documentation, provider access/activity, and support for State Quality Improvement personnel, state-wide
  • Apply Advocare’s Incident Report Specialist services to process, categorize, probe, escalate, and report all incident information, both standard and critical

  • Design, build, launch, host, adapt and manage Clarity, a Web-based Incident Report information system collecting, organizing, and tracking all IR activities (

  • Evaluate OIG requirements for Incident Reporting and embody in Clarity IR system

  • Support provider and mandatory reporter access, plus public facing IR reporting support

  • Design, built, launch, host, and manage statewide case management information system

  • Supported records, files, and documentation regarding service delivery for approximately 28,000 waiver Participants

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